FACYM - Chain and Metallurgical Argentina Factory . It is a family company with more than 60 years producing link chains.
At present with our second family generation in charge of the management of the company and after having overcome broadly the economic crisis of our country, today we can say that we are in free business and technological growth.
We believe that by improving ourselves day by day and with our knowledge, history and experience we may become in one of the most reliable and best product quality companies in the field.
Thanks to all our clients and employees for supporting us throughout the years.

Mario Tokmayier

Patent Chains - Common and Calibrated
Specifications Chart

Mud Chains
Our mud chains are the most recognized brand in the Argentine market, thanks to its robust construction......+ info
Protection Chains

Due to our knowledge and expertise we develop also the protection chains for the mining industry.......+ info

Naval Chains
For our naval products we offer excellent resistance and quality proved in our test bank or in recognized......+ info
Patent Chains
They are chains that cover the widest range of uses, and are part of other finished products.
They are the chains......
+ info